Who we are

All Genomics is the first Chilean company dedicated to the development of genetic tests that uses cutting edge technology for the analysis of DNA (Next-Generation Sequencing). Our main objective is the development of clinical diagnosis kits, validated for Chile and Latin American population, with a focus on metabolic diseases.

Why choose All Genomics?

  • Validated for Latin America
  • The fastest turnaround time
  • High quality results
  • We have the most convenient prices

Genetic testing services

Your Microbiome

Tu Microbioma

We get the DNA sequence of your intestinal bacterial community. Based on these findings, a correlation between your Microbiome and various diseases can be drawn.

Your DNA


In All Genomics, we know the importance of having a high quality DNA for your genetic analyses. That is why we offer the service of purification of DNA from different types of samples.

Your Mitochondrial Genome

Tu Genoma Mitocondrial

Mitochondria contains 37 genes associated with different diseases. In All Genomics we put at your disposal the massive sequencing of the full mitochondrial DNA and its mutations analysis service.

Rare Diseases

It is estimated that worldwide there are about seven thousand types of rare diseases, of which 80% would be of genetic origin. In All Genomics we collaborate to find the most appropriate therapy for your condition.

Your Metabolism

Tu Metabolismo

Metabolic diseases are a group of over 300 inherited diseases that affect the ability to degrade nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These includes obesity, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, among others. In Genomics All we are developing a kit to detect more than 100 mutations that will allow you to better address your condition.



In All Genomics we will give you the correct information for prescribing medicines, according to the genetic pattern of each patient. This results in a diagnosis early, improving the life quality of patients.